Mountain State Auto Auction

5546 Benedum Drive
Shinnston, WV  26431

Upcoming Events

  • Mountain State AA Monday

    Sale Types: Damage/Inop, Dealer, Internet, Lease, Sale
    Event Date: 12/11/2023 9:00am EST

    OL, ORs and OW will kick off the inops followed by dealer units! Enterprise Wrecks will run 9am! Inops Start at 9AM every week. Make sure to check out Mountain State Auto Auction's Huge Monday sale with over 1100 vehicles from National Fleet Companies, Local Dealers, and many new car franchises. Be here at 10:00 for a chance to win $100!

    If you need help getting online please text your Auction Access number to 724-998-3322 as well as the error message for the fastest sale day assistance.

    Almost the entire sale is available online.